5 Apps for Healthy and Happy and Young Entrepreneurs

No matter how busy you may be as a young entrepreneur, it’s important to prioritize your health and well-being. But where do even the smartest, most ambitious teens go to take better care of themselves? Apps, of course! 

Go beyond your school’s health classes and try these apps to maximize your well-being. Learn how to ignore calories and focus on superfoods that make you feel strong. Get started with a workout routine designed to meet your unique needs. Start tracking your steps. Get better quality sleep so you can tackle your high-achieving to-do list every day. Or find help for an issue so personal you can’t even talk to your friends about it. 


Free; offers a $5.99/month upgrade subscription 

Forget counting calories. Or fat. Or carbs. As a young entrepreneur, you know it’s better to focus on the big picture than to get tangled in small details. 

The Ate Food Diary app focuses on mindful eating without counting a single calorie. The focus here is on how certain foods make you feel. Take photos of everything you eat and use the app to track how you were feeling when you ate, why you ate it, and the app will start tracking trends in your mood. No more mindless eating! No more “quick fixes!” Instead, let your feelings – both mental and physical – be your guide to eating foods that pack the nutrition you need to dominate the day. 

This is a highly recommended way to learn healthier eating habits without restricting yourself, counting calories, or practicing other unhealthy diets.  

2. CALM 

Free; offers a $14.99/month premium subscription 

Who couldn’t use advice on better sleep habits? Or doesn’t want to feel more at peace throughout the day? Young entrepreneurs, especially, have a LOT going on and could probably use some help clearing those busy minds and focusing on mental health

Stress and anxiety are directly connected to your grades. The more stress you feel, the harder it is to focus and get good grades. This is why attending to your mental health needs is so important, especially for teens. But learning how to de-stress doesn’t always come naturally. 

Reviewers of the Calm app mention experiencing more restful sleep, improved quality of life, and a more peaceful mindset. Even those reviewers who call themselves “skeptical” of meditation or sleep apps have given Calm five-star ratings! 

Since it’s free and has hundreds of ways to customize the Calm experience for your personal needs, it’s worth giving this a try. All you have to lose is your anxiety! 


Free; optional premium subscription for $69.99/year 

Want to get into a home workout routine but don’t know where to start? For sheer versatility, we love the FitOn app! 

Choose your workout by time, starting with 5-10 minute routines. Or try out different types of workouts, from High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to yoga. Work out with your favorite celebrity trainer, like Jonathan Van Ness or Julianne Hough. Whatever your fitness level, available time, or physical ability, you’ll find something here to get your body moving so you can feel better, sleep better, and succeed in your entrepreneurial journey! 

Once you get started, check out FitOn’s guides and blogs to learn more about fitness, nutrition, and movement. 



Not the workout type? Does the thought of doing a downward dog fill you with dread? Does weightlifting feel like a waste of your time? Try tracking your steps! 

Your phone probably came with a free step tracker or pedometer. On iPhones, it’s the Health App, which tells you how many steps you took per day and then graphs your data so you can compare each day, week, or month in terms of step count. For Androids, you have Google Fit. It not only tracks your steps but will give you “Heart Points,” to help you reach your daily goals according to the American Heart Association. 

Step counters are perfect for young entrepreneurs who are on their feet all day. Think about all the walking you do to get from class to class, up and down the stairs, to and from home or your parents’ car or the bus. You might as well track it all and see how much physical activity you already get during your average day! 



Going through rough times is normal for everyone. For teens, though, it can be confusing and embarrassing to talk about certain feelings or problems. Sometimes you’re not sure who you can trust or whether someone will really understand what you’re going through. 

Two important things to remember are that you are not alone, and no matter what the problem is, there are ways to get help.  

The Teen Hotlines app organizes help by topic, from AIDS and HIV to Teen Pregnancy. The app itself is not a helpline. Instead, it gives you the tools you need to get the help you deserve. 

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness and it doesn’t mean you aren’t bright, strong, and wonderful. Self-care is not selfish. Even if you just feel a little overwhelmed and want to talk it out, try the Teen Hotline app. Reviewers give it five stars and say that it actually helped them. 


Both free 

You already know that drinking more water is good for you. These two apps (Waterlogged for iOS, Water Coach for Android) will help you keep track of how much water you drink per day. Track your progress, monitor your patterns, and get motivated to stay hydrated! 

Remember: health = happiness = success in school, business, and life! 

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