6 Startup Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs Who Love Kids

As a child (not that long ago!) you might have known a young adult who made a massive difference in your life. Remember what it was like to think that teenagers were just the coolest? Remember what it was like to have someone older than you, who wasn’t an adult, give you attention?

Not all young entrepreneurs have the knack for working with kids or even want to. But for those of you who do, these six businesses may be your calling.


You probably weren’t born playing the piano like a pro. We bet there was someone who inspired you. Even as you worked your way through the roughest “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” someone believed in you and encouraged you to keep going.

You can be that person for someone else!

Group classes in school are wonderful for showing children the magic of music. As you probably experienced, sometimes a kid will feel so connected to the music that they want to keep learning after school. 

One of the great things about this business is that you can do it from almost anywhere. Go to the student’s home, teach them via video chat, or have them come to you. Charge by the hour. Pick what ages or levels you’re willing to work with. Watch those little ones bloom under your careful tutelage! 


The benefits of sports for kids are well-documented. For you young athletes out there, the sport you love can translate into a lucrative and rewarding entrepreneurial startup.

You know first-hand what it was like when you were still trying to get the hang of swinging a bat or kicking a soccer ball. Maybe you felt clumsy. Maybe it took you longer than your peers to develop the stamina you needed for running long distances. 

Out there somewhere in your community is a kid just like you. A kid who feels like they are missing out on some secret trick to getting it right. That child’s parents don’t know the sport the way you do and are willing to pay a high school sports star for private coaching. 

By working with a child one-on-one, you have the power to help them see the sport the way you see it. They are no longer one of many, given very general directions by a coach. You can evaluate what they are getting wrong and share the tricks and secrets you developed when you were that age.


Is there anything more fun than spending the summer playing with kids? We doubt it!

While this job isn’t an entrepreneurial startup per se, it’s a fantastic way to get started on your young entrepreneurial journey. Teen camp counselors:

  • Get experience working with kids
  • Network with older adults who work with kids professionally during the other three seasons
  • Can specialize in art, sports, music, swimming, or any other camp activity
  • Meet parents for potential babysitting jobs
  • Make friends with other young entrepreneurs

No matter what time of year it is, start looking up local summer camps (or sleepaway camps if you prefer). Add your email to their newsletter. Contact the camp directors and ask when they open applications for summer jobs. 

If you love working with kids, we guarantee this will be one of the most fun summers of your life!


While everyone else is content to take selfies, you aim your non-smartphone camera elsewhere. Your candid shots look like a New York Times photo essay.

Someone out there will pay you to photograph their family like that.

You don’t need tons of expensive professional equipment to get started, but investing in a few key pieces couldn’t hurt. If you’re serious about making this your business, then you know it will take a certain amount of startup capital to do this the right way. 

Do you have room at home for a small studio? Will you meet the families at their homes? Is there a nearby scenic area where you can take professional photos without a permit? 

Despite needing a little bit of planning and gear, this is a business that can prove lucrative for the right young entrepreneur. Not only will families pay you for the sessions, but they will pay per photo package you offer. 


There are plenty of ways you gamers out there can make bank by playing your favorite video games. One of them is coaching young noobs.

Not every video game is self-explanatory. (And not every parent has the know-how to get their child started in games like Minecraft or Roblox.) This is where you come in!

For a small fee per half-hour or hour session, you can be the teenage hero a young gamer needs. As a private gaming coach – either in-person or virtually – you have the power to:

  • Teach online safety
  • Share glitches, hacks, and other cool in-game tricks
  • Give a noob the courage the need to engage with more experienced players
  • Show parents the creativity, leadership, strategy, and cooperation skills their child will develop

Remember to also teach your students the rules of the game, both stated and unspoken so they don’t get banned or muted their first time out. 

As a teen, you are automatically super cool to fresh young gamers. Use that power wisely!


Think of this job as a combination of babysitter and camp counselor. You might be surprised at how many parents have no clue how to put together a successful birthday party for their kids. Even if they do, not everyone has the energy to host one by themselves.

Hello, children’s party planner!

From theme to set-up to clean-up, you can make yourself invaluable to parents. Some services you can offer for their child’s birthday party include:

  • Buying decorations and snacks
  • Ordering and picking up the cake
  • Setting up tables, napkins, chairs, etc.
  • Leading games with the children 
  • Cleaning up

Your prices can vary depending on what you do. For example, if you are buying decorations and snacks, the parents will need to pay the cost of those as well as something extra for your efforts and hard work. 

For young entrepreneurs who love kids, this startup has many upsides and few downsides (other than possibly giving up some weekend afternoons). Make business cards to hand out to other parents. Offer babysitting services. But most of all, have fun with those party kids!

No matter which entrepreneurial path you choose, keep in mind that you have the power to make an enormous difference in the life of a child. It’s not that long ago you were in their shoes. Pay it forward and get paid at the same time!

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